Hack Night in the New Year

Our first meeting of 2015 will be a hack night! Bring a project or an idea and bring it to life!

In case you don’t have an active project, or want to attend without feeling obligated to work on a project fear not. This is a space welcoming to people of all skill levels and backgrounds. You can come just hang out, ask questions, learn something new, and meet new people.

The California Geographic Information Association is hosting a Map Contest, and the winner takes home $1500!

We are organizing a team of mappers to compete in the contest and this meetup will be our first organizational meeting.

If you are interested in helping out, please come to the meeting and let us know! Even if you are very new to web mapping, we can use any help we can get for planning and strategy.

Winning this contest would position our chapter to have funds for the next year to pay for administrative things (and maybe even pizza). Help us win pizza!

You can get more information about the contest here -…


  • Rail: 7th Street / Metro Center (Purple, Red, Expo, Blue Lines): Two blocks away
  • Bus: 720


Address: 811 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1460, Los Angeles, CA

Join us: Thursday, Jan 08 2015